Add to Wikipedia

Would you like to share your wisdom with four billion readers? Perhaps you have read a Wikipedia article and you know better? If you see something wrong that may be read by billions of people, is it not your duty to correct it and save humanity from desinformation?
The Wikipedia motto is Be bold!
If what you add is obvious to all, then just find the article, click “Edit” or “Edit source” and write.
If you want to practice writing in wikipedia, I recommend mucking about in Wikipedia:Sandbox
Just search for “Wikipedia:Sandbox”, and try it out.
Add a good reference if you suspect someone might challenge what you write.
Academic and peer-reviewed publications are usually the best.
Second best are University-level textbooks and Books published by respected publishing houses.
Last comes Magazines, Journals & Mainstream newspapers. Make sure they are reliable by looking up the mag in wikipedia.
There are many ways of adding inline citations. You can copy other writers methods or read . I usually do something like this:
Justice is a human invention.<ref name=”Invent_A_Name >Rawls, John. ”A Theory of Justice”. Harvard University Press, 1971, p. 1.</ref> It…
Be neutral
If you know two sides to the story, show both sides.
Before you delete someone else’s text in Wikipedia you may want to check his facts by reading his or her reference and check if the reference is any good.