How to check facts

You may want to check your facts on Facebook.

1. For images, use Google in image search mode to find out whether the image is what the post claims it is. Write, click “images”, click the camera icon and either upload an image or paste the url.  To save your image so you can upload it, right-click the image to get a popup menu and choose “save picture”. The image usually lands in “downloads”.

2. For blogs and web-newspapers. Check the source of the post. Look it up in  If it is not listed, then it is not a reliable source, and probably just a blog. If found, read what Wikipedia says about it.  The best newspaper sources are those that have hundreds of full time fact checkers employed like Der Spiegel, The Guardian and The New Yorker. Most local newspapers do not have a single one employed.

4. For quotes, check I have found no other good sources.

5.  For texts, just google relevant words from the new story and add the word “Hoax”. See if any source google finds is a realiable hoast. You can also check in

2 thoughts on “How to check facts”

  1. Hej Daniel!

    Vilken underbar blogg med bra-ha-grejer samlade på ett stället !
    Jag lägger din blogg bland mina bokmärken så jag snabbt kan hitta hur jag ska göra för att hitta fakta osv .
    Tusen tack! Din blogg kommer jag verkligen ha användning av!

    Mvh Eva B

    1. Det var väldigt rart av dig att kommentera så. Tack ska du ha.
      Jag ska försöka hålla mig på marken och inte flumma ut alldeles 🙂

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